Little Red Riding Hood Tuesday October 29th, 2013
Little Red Riding Hood details

'Little Red Riding Hood' is the 2nd image to be released from my 2013 Halloween photo shoot series where I've been collaborating with make-up artist Amy Naughalty. This particular image did take a bit more planning than the 'Playing With Fire' one that I released a couple weeks ago, and most of that prep work (including making the hooded cloak from scratch) was done by the star that is Amy!

We knew from the start that this was going to be photographed in the studio against the green-screen with the rest of the image being added in post-production. So the main things on the day were to get the special-effects make-up looking awesome, and for the lighting on our model, Ellie, to be as close as possible to the final image I had in my head. The setting needed to be some kind of spooky forest, with a little bit of moonlight combined with the warm glow from our very rusty lantern.

As the shoot progressed it was evident that we weren't going to be able to get everything right in a single image due to the weight of the axe taking a toll on our very petite model. So the final composite you can see below is made up of 5 different shots to make sure we show off the best of Ellie, the make-up, outfit, props and lighting that went in to bringing it all together.

For anyone that may want to take a little look behind-the-scenes, there is a gallery below which shows how it all happened on the day.

Some credits for this shoot: Amy Naughalty on make-up, Georgina Bools on hair-styling, Ellie Galvin playing 'Red' and Wayne Abbott as my assistant. Big thanks to all involved!

Little Red Riding Hood